The Report: Yes, I Did Say That!

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

A look at who said what at the 68th annual Golden Globes.

The first thing I thought was: ‘Please don’t say Jane Lynch! Please don’t say Jane Lynch!’ I was afraid to go up there! Then they said it, and I thought, ‘You’re damn right, Jane Lynch!’
— Jane Lynch
The Glee star on winning the award for best TV actress in a comedy or musical.

“My parents are crying. My girlfriend is crying. My friends are crying. I’m crying.”
— Ryan Kavanaugh
The Relativity CEO, on his happiness with the success of The Fighter, despite not being credited by the Producers Guild.

“I think it’s going to profoundly change Hollywood, leading to a kinder, gentler industry and better films immediately. … I’m kidding. … It’s all incremental.”
— James Schamus
The Focus Features CEO, on the success of The Kids Are All Right and how it will affect movies.

“It was fun! It is  a fun show — everybody just hangs out, and it’s almost like a giant dinner party. You pretend that you’re really good friends with Johnny Depp, and you’re not. ”
— Julie Bowen
The Modern Family actress on being excited to see other celebrities during the show.

“I would just like to say to the Academy members: Why don’t you grow a pair and vote for Lisa Cholodenko as well?!”
— Mark Ruffalo
On his The Kids Are All Right director being shut out of the DGA feature film nominations.

“I told my friend, ‘I can stuff my bra now that I have two Globes.’ ”
—  Claire Danes
On winning her second statuette for Temple Grandin (her first was for My So-Called Life).

“Yeah, oh, it’s totally the same. I was here last year and the year before that, and all this is just normal status quo. … No, man, everything has changed. It’s totally different, and none of us expected it at all. I’m watching the Golden Globes here instead of from my couch this year.”
— Armie Hammer
On how his life has changed with the success of The Social Network.

“Most importantly tonight, the New York Jets won. They beat the New England Patriots, which is great, even though Emma, my 12-year-old, is a Patriots fan.”
— Harvey Weinstein
On what he enjoyed most during the evening (despite his films The King’s Speech and The Fighter receiving awards).

“I walked off and felt like a complete idiot. I wanted to make jokes about him being an up-and-comer, and I completely blew it.”
—   Paul Giamatti
On forgetting to thank Barney’s Version co-star Dustin Hoffman during his best comedy actor acceptance speech.