Reporter Compliments Rashida Jones for Her "Tan," Actress Responds, "I'm Ethnic"

The biracial actress corrected the reporter on live TV: "I'm ethnic."

Rashida Jones walked the Screen Actors Guild Awards red carpet on Sunday night — and was complimented on her "tan."

TNT correspondent Danielle Demski greeted the Parks and Recreation actress on the red carpet by complimenting her dress and her glowing skin, The Grio reported on Monday. "You look amazing — gorgeous!" Demski began. "You look like you've just come off an island or something. You're very tan, very tropical."

The biracial, African-American and Jewish star accepted the "compliment" with a laugh and sway of her dress, but put the flattery to rest: "I mean, you know, I'm ethnic."

Demski laughed off Jones' response and said to the camera, "It's just being ethnic. That's what it is."

Jones' father is Quincy Jones, the legendary African-American record producer, and her mother is Peggy Lipton, a white actress and former model.

The actress will star in the TBS comedy Angie Tribeca, executive produced by Steve Carell. TBS has yet to confirm an air date.