30 Percent of GOP Primary Voters Want to Bomb Fictional Land in 'Aladdin,' Poll Finds

Aladdin Still - H 2015
Courtesy of Photofest

Aladdin Still - H 2015

Donald Trump's supporters were more likely to favor an Agrabah bombing than oppose it, according to a new Public Policy Polling survey.

The fictional land of Agrabah, the setting from Disney's Aladdin, would be bombed if it were up to 30 percent of Republican primary voters, according to a recent poll commissioned by Public Policy Polling (PPP).

PPP tweeted about the results on Friday. The Middle East and Islam were widely discussed at the recent Republican debates, and the polling company decided to ask about Agrabah as a result.

"We got the idea to see how far that might extend — if people would reflexively support bombing something that sounded vaguely Middle Eastern," said a PPP spokesperson to Mashable.

Thirteen percent of Republican primary voters are opposed to bombing Agrabah. Forty-one percent of Donald Trump's supporters who were polled would like to bomb the fictional setting, while only 9 percent opposed it. 

As for Democrats, 19 percent were in favor of the bombing while 36 percent opposed it. Full results of PPP's poll are here.