Republicans Urge Theaters to Show 'The Interview'

The Interview Still 5 - H 2014
Ed Araquel

The Interview Still 5 - H 2014

The Republican National Committee chairman has plead his case to the CEOs of 10 major cinema chains

The Republican National Committee wants movie theaters to show The Interview. 

RNC chairman Reince Priebus sent a letter to the CEOs of 10 major theater chains, encouraging them to screen the controversial Sony comedy, according to CNN.

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"I want to speak clearly on behalf of the Republican Party: I urge you to show the movie," Priebus wrote. "As a sign of my commitment, if you agree to show this movie, I will send a note to the Republican Party's millions of donors and supporters urging them to buy a ticket — not to support one movie or Hollywood, but to show North Korea we cannot be bullied into giving up our freedom."

Priebus wrote that he is "deeply concerned" that Sony has allowed a "foreign regime to dictate the movies we can and cannot watch."

Sony announced Wednesday that it was canceling its release of The Interview after the country's five biggest theater chains refused to show it. This followed a message from hackers warning of a 9/11-type tragedy if the movie was not pulled. North Korea has denied responsibility for the hack.

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"As you know, the Republican Party and Hollywood have at times been at odds," Preibus added in the letter. "But we can all agree that the current situation regarding the release of The Interview goes far beyond politics. It is about freedom and free enterprise."

He suggested that the theaters and Sony donate some of the film's profits to charities that help U.S. troops.

Republicans and Democrats appear to agree that the film should be seen. In a speech Friday, Obama said that Sony made a "mistake" by canceling the film's release. Sony CEO Michael Lynton responded by saying that the studio has been unable to find any VOD distributors that would carry it. 

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