Residence of Avi & Joyce Arad

2012-38 FEA Design Arads Main H
Roger Davies

The Arads and their Rottweiler, Emma, with designers Richard Hallberg and Barbara Wiseley in the family room, featuring a Provencal-style reproduction fireplace from Formations, 18th-century pillow from y&B Bolour, floor lamp from la Maison Francaise and Robert Kuo coffee table.


Flanked by olive groves in the gated community of Beverly Park (and bordered by neighbors Sumner Redstone and Sylvester Stallone) sits a modern chateau of stone and wood as reimagined by interior designers Richard Hallberg and Barbara Wiseley in their signature sophisticated European style. Built nine years ago over two years by New York transplants Avi Arad, producer of the Spider-Man franchise, and his painter-sculptor wife, Joyce, the 22,000-square-foot house on 7 acres is a meticulous layering of natural elements, neutral tones and beautiful objects -- think contemporary art and Roman antiquities and nestled in a showcase of artisanal handiwork. "We wanted an 18th century house for a 21st century family," says Joyce. "No velvet ropes!" Avi agrees: "It's a big challenge when you build a big house that it doesn't feel cold. This feels like a home." (The third-floor man cave features boxed action figures, Harley Davidson memorabilia and an air-hockey table.) Hallberg and Wiseley, who met in college and have been design partners ever since, also are co-owners of acclaimed Melrose Avenue showrooms Dennis & Leen and Formations. "We always have a nod to history and an eye on the future," says Hallberg. Combined with care in the house are "the Richard Serras, a 13th century Chinese screen, our modern tables, all co-existing. With great architecture and art, you just need to let everything breathe." -- Fiona Murray