Residence of Nina Jacobson

2012-38 FEA Design Nina Jacobson Jamie Bush
Roger Davies

“We did not have a ton of furniture,” says Jacobson, photographed Oct. 19 in her living room with Bush and dog Pearl. “We bought most of it when we remodeled” after having lived at the house for six years.

Trained architect Jamie Bush has become a go-to interpreter of modernism revival's many strands. Whether it's the sun-drenched primary colors of The Hunger Games producer Jacobson's glass-dominated 1940s warm minimalist house in Brentwood, pictured here, or a meditation on midcentury Italian at the Beverly Hills ranch house he's crafting for former Disney Studios chairman Rich Ross, Bush finds himself drawn to the creative adventurism of clients in and around the entertainment industry. "Whether it's 60 years ago or today, the people in Hollywood are willing to try new ways of living at home," says Bush, who also works with Connie Britton and film producer Don Hahn. With some clients, like Jacobson -- for whom he has designed multiple homes and offices for a decade -- he develops long-term relationships. "She knows how to run great projects. She gives a little direction and lets you do your job," says Bush. His house collaboration with her involved architect Bruce Bolander and Jacobson's domestic partner, Jen Bleakley ("She's much more fluent in design," says Jacobson), with whom she raises Noah, 14, Josie, 12, William, 6, and family dog Pearl. "I love this glass cube we're in," says Jacobson. "It wasn't until we redid the house that it became transformed into something that felt like ours." Favorite film set Says Bush: "Life of Pi looks breathtaking. The palette is so ethereal and dreamy -- the hues of the sky and sea." -- Gary Baum