'Resident Evil 5' To Shoot In Toronto

Resident Evil: Afterlife
Screen Gems

Even Sony was stunned when the film, thanks in large part to the upside of 3D, grossed a whopping $234 million overseas. Domestically, it grossed $60.1 for an global cume of $294.1 million. Costing around $60 million to produce, Resident Evil turned a handy profit for Sony.

The fifth installment of the "Resident Evil" movie franchise will be shot from October to December by writer/director Paul W. S. Anderson.

TORONTO -- Paul W. S. Anderson’s Resident Evil 5 for Sony Screen Gems is to shoot in Toronto.

Resident Evil: Retribution 3D, the fifth installment of the video game-to-movie franchise, will shoot at Cinespace’s Kipling studio facility in west Toronto from mid-October to December 23, ahead of a Sept. 14, 2012 release.

The 2010 picture Resident Evil: Afterlife, also shot by Anderson, grossed around $300 million internationally.

Anderson is to write and direct Resident Evil: Retribution, with Milla Jovovich returning as the main lead, while Glen McPherson will serve as director of photography and Kevin Phipps as production designer.