Restraining order issued for DiCaprio attacker

Suspect Aretha Wilson's bail raised to $150,000 from $60,000

A Canadian woman accused of attacking "Inception" star Leonardo DiCaprio in the face with a beer bottle in 2005 was ordered on Wednesday to stay at least 500 yards away from the actor.

DiCaprio was at a private Hollywood party in June 2005 when he was hit on the side of his head with broken beer bottle. The injury sent the actor to the hospital, where he received about a dozen stitches to his face and neck.

Suspect Aretha Wilson, 40, fled to her native Canada after the incident, Los Angeles prosecutors said. She was extradited to Los Angeles recently to face a charge of assault with a deadly weapon in the DiCaprio case.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Hilleri G. Merritt ordered Wilson not to contact, or come within 500 yards of DiCaprio or two witnesses to the attack.

Merritt also raised Wilson's bail to $150,000 from $60,000, stating concern about her "willingness and ability to come back to court."

Wilson was on probation for a previous offense in Canada at the time of the attack, which was unprovoked and whose motive was unclear.