Retail Report: 3 Reasons to Visit the COS L.A. Store

Courtesy of COS

H&M's sister label has landed on Beverly Place — and now, this week's paycheck is going straight there

H&M's sister label, COS (aka Collection of Style), has touched down in L.A., and we're thrilled to get our hands on quality everyday pieces at reasonable prices.

Situated on 357 North Beverly Dr., the space's natural daylight and appealing architecture are just a few reasons why the European brand was drawn to opening its first-ever U.S. store in Beverly Hills.

"First of all, the facade itself is so beautiful with the stone — it has such a nice finish to it," said Marie Honda, managing director of COS, of the store's qualities that felt fitting for the brand to house its designs. "We have the big skylight as well as heat, and that also makes it so lovely with that Californian blue light coming in. It just makes a different light, I think, to the garments." Indeed, it does.

So what makes COS worth the visit — even if it means making an hourlong commute? (Guilty.)

1. The womenswear collection is designed for all (if not, most) ladies.

"We don't think about one particular woman; we think of a group of women that has a certain mindset and very much big-city mindset," explained Karin Gustafsson, head of womenswear design at COS, as she showed a white dress with fragmented typography, a neon lime-green parka, a violet cotton top and trousers. "We think of our customer being quite interested in design and art. And also, expecting quality — not just for the garment but the whole shopping experience." Prices for dresses range between $49 and $390, tops from $19 to $135, and trousers from $39 to $350.

2. The menswear range is perfect for minimalists (who like only a small dose of color).

Clean silhouettes, basic hues and subtle hand-drawn prints make the brand's latest collection perfect for gents who want to mix and match classic everyday pieces. "We wanted to do something sporty, a little technical, but with very graphic elements, so we worked with printing in a kind of textural way," said Martin Andersson, head of menswear design at COS, while pointing out a white-collared shirt that featured black irregular square prints. Tops are priced from $19 to $135, while trousers run from $69 to $135, blazers between $225 and $275 and outwear from $225 to $450.

3. New items arrive every week.

Um, this could get dangerous, but sometimes a girl (or guy) just needs a quality jacket to pair with a killer outfit. And where better to go than COS, right? Happy shopping!