The Retro Modern Style of 'Teen Beach Movie'

"Teen Beach"

The clothes in Disney's "Teen Beach Movie" are a sweet, 1960s throwback that work today. Style expert Louise Roe tells THR why.

The Disney Channel's Teen Beach Movie, which premiered Friday with fresh young talent Garrett Clayton and Maia Mitchell, demonstrates how fashion and entertainment continue to intertwine, setting far-reaching trends and remaining at the forefront of relevancy within the marketplace.

Although the movie is aimed primarily at tweens and teens, the throwback to classic beach party musicals possesses a sense of carefree nostalgia that any generation can relate to, drawing its style inspiration from the fashion-forward '60s, the look of which is ubiquitous this summer. Perfect timing since top designers across the globe have recently been showing retro styling, creating numerous '60s-inspired looks skewed toward trendsetters and tastemakers of any age.

It's a potential marketing machine Disney seems to be banking on. So much so that they've tapped NBC Fashion Star host Louise Roe as well as Daniel Musto, the show's stylist, to act as fashion experts for the made-for-TV teen flick.

Since vintage dressing can be a slippery slope, we caught up with Roe to find out how she does retro without looking like a caricature, as well as which TBM looks go down in her book of favorites.  

Where do you find inspiration in your own wardrobe for the '60s looks similar to those in Teen Beach Movie?

Icons like Edie Sedgwick and Marilyn Monroe, movies like Grease and current fashion blogs -- retro '60s looks are all over the runways and sidewalks at the moment.

How can I take a truly vintage piece and make it look trendy versus old and grungy?

Don't wear a vintage look head to toe. Maximum two to three retro pieces per outfit, and mix them in with your modern skinny jeans or sandals. You don't want to actually BE sandy and Danny from Grease, just inspired by them.

What’s one vintage must-have that you think everyone needs?

Cat-eye sunglasses, in white.

What is one past trend that you would like to see make a comeback?

I think printed -- such as polka dot -- scarves worn tight around the neck are very elegant. And they're such an easy, affordable way to make your look super '60s.

Where do you recommend finding vintage pieces?

Roe: Flea markets, online, your mom and dad's closet!

Any other tips on creating vintage looks?

Don't forget about beauty trends of that era too. Search on Instagram for inspiration and perhaps try a rolled quiff in your hair, a red lip and a thin black liquid eyeliner cat-flick.