'Coming to the Stage' Spinoff 'The Return of Mr. Microphone' in the Works (Exclusive)

Courtesy of YouTube/Comedy Dynamics

The show, which began as an interstitial for the stand-up series, marks production company Comedy Dynamics' first scripted series.

The scripted series The Return of Mr. Microphone, based on an interstitial from stand-up series Coming to the Stage, is in the works, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.

Mr. Microphone is the first scripted series from Comedy Dynamics, the independent stand-up comedy production and distribution company behind Coming to the Stage, Craig Ferguson's Join or Die and a still untitled unscripted MTV show in which Zac Efron explores how food has become a key part of millennial culture.

The Return of Mr. Microphone will begin filming soon before airing on Comedy Dynamics' platforms.

Mr. Microphone, or "mic," is a 7'2" microphone and stand-up comic, who's been performing for 20 years but only has five minutes of material. Despite all of that, he's determined to make it big. The show will feature appearances from Mr. Microphone's friends and fellow comics: Segura, Todd Bridges, Catherine Hicks, Jamie Masada and Christina Pazsitzky. Mr. Microphone began as an interstitial for Coming to the Stage, as shown in the clip below featuring comedian Tom Segura.

“Like a few great shows, Mr. Microphone actually began as a doodle and snowballed into a television series,” Comedy Dynamics president Brian Volk-Weiss said in a statement. “It’s an honor to follow in The Simpsons' footsteps.”

The third season of Coming to the Stage, hosted by Tom Green, began streaming on Hulu today

May 20, 6:51 p.m. An earlier version of this story misstated Hulu's involvement in The Return of Mr. Microphone. THR apologizes for the error.