Revamp will bring Sony divisions closer


Sony Corp. chairman and CEO Howard Stringer is adding the president title and assuming direct oversight of the conglomerate's electronics operations under a major reorganization designed to boost profitability and make various parts of the company work together more closely.

The changes, announced Friday and effective April 1, will integrate Sony's electronics and video game operations and aim to speed up product development.

Ryoji Chubachi, who headed Sony's electronics arm, will move into the role of vice chairman.

"Consumers want products that are networked, multifunctional and service-enhanced utilizing open technologies and user experiences that are rich, shared and, increasingly, green," Stringer said, adding that the changes "will now make it possible for all of Sony's parts to work together to assume a position of worldwide leadership."

As part of the shuffle, Sony is establishing a Networked Products and Services Group that will include Sony Computer Entertainment, personal computers, new mobile products and Sony Media Software and Services.

Also new is the Consumer Products Group, which will include TV sets, digital imaging and the company's home audio and video businesses. (partialdiff)
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