Reveille, Ali, N net work on 'Body' image


The latest nonscripted project from hot production banner Reveille will see a collaboration between a set of new partners: Viacom youth network the N and Laila Ali.

The three will team on "The N's Student Body," a nonscripted show that will follow two sets of teens at rival high schools as they try to transform themselves physically and psychologically.

The N also has greenlited a scripted project from screenwriters Will McRobb and Chris Viscardi just ahead of the strike, titled "The Assistants," that will serve as a kind of postcollege "Entourage."

"Body" was developed on the watch of former Reveille chief Ben Silverman, who will be one of several exec producers on the show. The network has ordered eight episodes of the hourlong show.

The show will examine 12 teens who are trying to "lose weight, face their fears and compete for their dreams," according to producers; it fits with the socially conscious programming of Reveille, which has been behind such shows as NBC's "The Biggest Loser" and FX's identity-swap series "30 Days."

Ali, a boxer who has been an advocate for teen health, will host and also coach the teens as they try to improve.

Execs said that "Body" will differ from other self-improvement reality shows. "This is not a makeover show but an opportunity to have someone make positive changes not only in their own lives but the lives of people around them," said Mark Koops, Reveille managing director and co-head of domestic television, who will exec produce along with Silverman and David Broome.

Meanwhile, the set of four characters on "The Assistants" will deal with the glamor and the misery of a first Hollywood job, a kind of "Entourage" from the point-of-view of Lloyd.

"It's a show about the great Hollywood tutelage, where you can save a movie one minute and find yourself picking up the boss' dry cleaning the next," said Tommy Lynch, who is exec producing via his Tom Lynch Co. shingle.

The network plans to air the show in the summer; the scripts for all 13 episodes were all completed before the strike, an N spokeswoman said.

McRobb and Viscardi, who worked with Lynch on the Nickelodeon show "The Adventures of Pete & Pete," penned the screenplay for Fox's upcoming "Alvin and the Chipmunks" and Universal's "The Tale of Desperaux." Britt Irvin ("Hot Rod") will play the title role.

Nickelodeon will turn the N into a 24-hour channel next year, splitting it off from Noggin, the younger-skewing net with which it shares channel space.