'The Revenant' Bear's Big Oscar Week: Spago, Mani-Cams and More (Cartoons)

Revenant Bear Illustration - H 2016
Tim Tompkinson

Illustrator Tim Tomkinson imagines the mama grizzly on the red carpet with Leo and comparing hair and makeup with Chewbacca.

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She was the breakout star of 2015. And although she didn't even get a screen credit, her brutal scene with Leonardo DiCaprio's Hugh Glass in The Revenant was a heart-stopper. Desperate to save her cubs from the invading trapper, she lumbered out of the woods and took DiCaprio by surprise, tossing him around like a rag doll, seemingly leaving him for dead, and then coming back and working him over all over again.

The notorious scene triggered lots of Internet chatter. There were scurrilous online rumors that she'd actually molested her leading man as well as claims from visual effects artists at Industrial Light & Magic that they actually had a hand in orchestrating the bear's attacks.

But there was no denying that a true star had been born, and with that in mind, illustrator Tim Tomkinson imagined what this big bad mama's first visit to Hollywood could look like.