'The Revenant' and 'Hateful Eight' Screeners Leaked Online

'The Revenant,' Courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox
'The Revenant'

The two Oscar contenders have already become some of the most-pirated films of the week, according to TorrentFreak.

Screener copies of Oscar contenders The Revenant and The Hateful Eight have leaked online ahead of the films' theatrical release, according to TorrentFreak. 

The films have already found their way into the top 10 most-pirated films of the week. Based on TorrentFreak research, Revenant is the fifth most-downloaded film and Hateful Eight is the tenth most-downloaded. They come in after No. 1 The Intern, No. 2 The Peanuts Movie and No. 3 The Martian.   

TorrentFreak reports that a copy of Hateful Eight, which had no time stamps or watermarks, had been downloaded 220,000 times as of Monday morning. Meanwhile, Revenant had been downloaded 300,000 times as of Monday morning. Other Oscar contenders, including Steve JobsJoy, Brooklyn, Room and Carol, have also leaked online.

A TorrentFreak reader, writing in the comments section of the story, also notes that low-quality copies of Star Wars are also appearing online. Indeed, there is a copy available on BitTorrent site The Pirate's Bay with 17 comments that call the copy "watchable."

This isn't the first time that Hateful Eight has leaked. The script began circulating online in January 2014, and Gawker's Defamer blog then linked to the 146-page script. Tarantino later filed a copyright lawsuit against Gawker Media, but he ultimately dropped the suit in May of last year.