Reverend Bob Larson and Five American Teen Satan Slayers Get Canadian-made Reality TV Show

Canadian indie producer Cineflex is developing "All-American Girls Fighting Satan," about an exorcism school battling Beelzebub in suburban America.

TORONTO – Evangelist Bob Larson and his posse of Buffy the Satan slayers are getting their own reality TV show.

Canadian indie producer Cineflix is developing the series All-American Girls Fighting Satan, about five teen girl exorcists training to cast Beelzebub’s black-winged minions from the lives of ordinary Americans under the tutelage of Reverend Larson of the Spiritual Freedom Churches.

The five cross-wielding teens are Brynne Larson, daughter of Reverend Bob, sisters Savannah Sherkenback and Tess Sherkenback, and Christina Massih and Melanie Massih.

The series, being developed by Simon Lloyd and Joe Houlihan, will feature the five teenagers at Reverend Bob’s school for exorcists, saving troubled people from Satan while their peers are partying.

Cineflix added that, while the five teens are not fending off evil in suburban America, they find time to attend beauty pageants, or play sports like horseback riding and karate.

“The girls and the Reverend Bob believe they are on a God-given mission to save the souls of the possessed,” Cineflix said in a statement Monday.