Reverse Shot partners with Babelgum

Deal covers 'Talkie,' 'Direct Address' video series

The online film magazine Reverse Shot is partnering with Babelgum to offer a video interview series, featuring such filmmakers as director James Marsh, cinematographer Christian Berger and actor Michael Fassbender, which will be available both online and on mobile devices.

The Babelgum site will be the new home for Reverse Shot's "Talkies" and "Direct Address" videos, which feature interviews with celebrated and emergent figures in film and which had previously appeared on Indiewire.
"Babelgum has proven itself a leader in publishing and promoting innovative online video content," Jeff Reichert, co-founder and editor of Reverse Shot, said. "When we decided to branch out from printed criticism into video we wanted to set a new standard for web-based interview content."