YouTube Star P'Trique Reviews Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop Pop-Up


The fashion personality takes a tour of the actress' temporary store in Brentwood and gives us a rundown of the space. Hint: "It's #TotesAmaze."

It’s not everyday that Gwynie Pal-Pal graces us with her essence. Yes, her presence is global, but rarely are we invited to bask in the glow of this sun-blonde goddess. Finally our chance has arrived, as Goop has popped up in the fashionable dell of Brentwood from May 5 to 11. 

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I arrived at the tucked-away Goop storefront in the Brentwood Country Mart. Gwyn and I were once very close, but an ill-played fashion synergy move on my part stressed our rapport. I thought putting her in touch with Apple Bottom Jeans founder Yomi Martin was a great idea. Apple Martin for Apple Bottom in retrospect was a terribly gauche idea, as Apple has yet to step into the limelight commercially. Gwyn’s shoulder is now cold to me, and I understand, I’ve apologized and still love her, but from afar. I felt like the steps walking into the boutique could be the steps that lead us back to friendship. Time will tell.

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The first floor decor is capital-C Chic! Think elegant Hamptons, but Malibuified, with a dash of Navajo feng shui. I had a fantasy that Ms. Paltrow transported me to a place she rented off Airbnb for a girl’s getaway weekend retreat along the Eastern coastline and store guests are the invitees. Oliver M. Firth furniture provides an upscale yet inviting atmosphere in the parlor. I felt welcomed to sit and read G.P.'s It's All Good (for the second time) or continue browsing. Who doesn’t love a good shopping schedule dilemma? #Maj Points for causing one!

Fancy knickknackery adorns stained wood shelves, displaying like art. A modish polished iron display case flaunts vintage Rolexes, reminding us that old is new and Goop stands by the classics. The bright and fashionably inviting ground floor titillated my interest to climb the sanded wood steps to the top floor. I was a little girl giddy passing under the faux-taxidermy zoo animal head display, a splash of FAO Schwarz for the young soon-to-be fashionistas visiting the store with Mom. Like a steak in a gross chain restaurant, that was well done.

At the top of the landing you are pulled into a hideaway A-frame attic with all the best designers. It’s a hideaway party and the titans are there together. In a dream world, we are all there sitting on the plush pillows lining the walls, drinking Sav Blanc, gossiping about the fashion industry racket, but alas, the designers remain tastefully displayed on the racks of the shop. To list a few P’Trique Highlights (P’Trilights): A black Stella [McCartney] for Goop jumper perf for shaking that cookie thumper, orange and muted color tops from Kain that made me insane, edgy collection pieces by Crippen that had me straight trippin’, and a lime green one-piece swimsuit by Cushnie Et Ochs that rocks.

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I wanted this dream to be real. Where shoppers, celebs, and top-tier designers spent a weekend together in this chic top-floor bungalow. But alas, it was just a unique shopping experience. Exiting, I noticed an Araks pajama brief set that looked comfy to sleep in and suggested breakfast-making attire. I’m the master of day-to-night, but I had never considered night-to-morning as a style transformation. These jammies on the counter are exactly what Gwyn would wear as her friends arise in the morning from a slumber fueled by wine and belly laughter only to find her prepping a delicious gluten-free vegan breakfast. There was a steady flow of foot traffic and browsing, accompanied by soft gasps of revealed high prices. Rookie mistake. Never, and I mean never, look at price tags when shopping at a style iconoclast's pop-up, people! I left feeling revived (although my Amex took a hit). 

The Goop pop-up store experience is, in a word, transportive. In two classically P’Trique words, it’s #TotesAmaze. Thank you, Gwyneth Paltrow, for taking us with you and sharing. Hope these words find you well and healed from my fashion transgression.  #GOOPNESSGRACIOUS

P'Trique is a fashion personality of Maker Studios and its fashion and beauty network The Platform.