'Revolution 19': First Look at Futuristic Robot YA Novel From 'Homeland' Producer (Exclusive Video)

Collaborators Howard Gordon, James Wong and writer Gregg Rosenblum team for HarperTeen's new sci-fi book, out Jan. 8, and THR has an exclusive excerpt.

It's life-and-death stakes in the new YA novel Revolution 19.

From Homeland's Howard Gordon and Final Destination's James Wong and written by Gregg Rosenblum, Revolution 19 takes place in a not-so-distant futuristic world where humans create robots to fight their wars until one day, they turn on their creators. Three siblings, Nick, Cass and Kevin, find themselves with the daunting task of infiltrating the robot city to seek out the truth of their parents' untimely fates and to ready a revolution after their safe haven in the wilderness is discovered by the robots.

In a book trailer exclusive to The Hollywood Reporter, you get the true sense that nothing is about to come easily for the trio as they embark on an epic journey that will take them to unexpected places. And with the knowledge that 18 revolutions before them have failed to topple the robots, it's clear how difficult the 19th will be.

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Revolution 19, published by HarperTeen, opens with a vivid description of how badly things had gotten during the war against the 'bots -- described as "eight feet tall" and "as wide as two men." Just how horrific has the battle become? Seconds after young parents let go of their infant girl Cass, one of the 'bots terminates them with laser-like weapons.

Fourteen years later, the baby is all grown up and safely entrenched in the woods. When one of her brothers, Kevin, reinvents one of man's greatest inventions -- the radio -- life, as he and his family know it, will be changed forever.

Click here for an exclusive preview of the prologue and the first chapter. >>

Revolution 19 hits stores Tuesday, Jan. 8.

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