Revolver goes day-and-date with 'Mum & Dad'

Steven Shell horror film set for release on Dec. 26

LONDON -- British indie distributor Revolver Entertainment took its its first step into the multiformat day-and-date release game Monday, as it revealed its plans for Steven Sheil's horror film "Mum & Dad."

Revolver said that it will release the picture in theaters, on DVD, VOD, sell-through and rental Dec. 26.

"Being the first U.K. distributor to release day-and-date across all platforms enables us to be the market leader in offering consumers the ultimate choice to watch the film in the way they choose, whether this is at home or on the big screen -- or both," Revolver Entertainment managing director Justin Marciano said.

Revolver also said it is exploring a similar plan for the film in the U.S. around Mother's Day, May 10.

The film revolves around a family that lives at the end of one of Heathrow Airport's runways and live off whatever they scavenge from cargo holds, offices, hotels and a steady stream of transient workers.