Revolver Guns For British Bare-Knuckle Boxer Tale

Jason Statham, Gerard Butler and Michael Fassbender all high on producer wish list to play notorious character.

LONDON – The brutal life story of one of Britain’s most notorious bare-knuckle fighters is set to punch its way onto the big screen.

U.K. independent distribution, finance and production house Revolver Entertainment is developing a script based on the life and times of Lenny McLean, a man also known as “the Guv’nor.”

The film script, working title The Guv'nor, is based on the book “The Guv’nor Tapes,” compiled by Peter Gerrard from extensive interviews with McLean and those around him.

Paul Van Carter is writing the screenplay alongside Martin Askew, Lenny’s nephew, for the project.

Backers said the script aims to offer “an uncompromising account of his violent and notorious life from his humble beginnings in Hoxton, East London to boxer, bouncer, bare-knuckle fighter, actor, accused murderer and family man.”

Revolver’s Justin Marciano and Nick Taussig will produce the film with Lenny McLean’s son Jamie McLean.

The budget is set to be around $5 million subject to casting.

Several names are on the producers’ wish list to play the East End hard man with Jason Statham, Gerard Butler and Michael Fassbender leading the field of established talent.

Upcomers Lucas Pittaway and Daniel Hensall's performances in crime drama Snowtown have also captured the eye of the producers.

Revolver snapped up U.K. distribution rights to Snowtown during Cannes earlier this year.

“McLean’s story typifies the sheer brutality of growing up in the East End of London through the post-War years, but it is also the journey of a man who finds redemption through the hellish world of bare-knuckle fighting,” said Marciano.

Gerrard compiled “The Guv’nor Tapes” from extensive recorded interviews with McLean to create a no-holds-barred account of McLean’s life.

Revolver snapped up the rights to the book and, with the support of the McLean family aims to turn McLean’s story into a film.