Revver links with Verizon Wireless


Online video company Revver has partnered with Verizon Wireless to bring user-generated video content directly to VCast subscribers, the company is set to announce Wednesday.

The agreement, which will be implemented early next month, means that Revver users will be able to generate revenue from their creative content not only through broadband and broadcast but also via mobile distribution.

"Our focus is primarily on the creator -- we pioneered this -- to make sure creators are getting paid when their content is online," Revver founder and CEO Steven Starr said. "In the last number of months looking at the mobile communities, it's been clear to us that VCast and Verizon are really aligned with Revver in terms of how they see the marketplace."

Last year Revver became the first online video service to compensate users for sharing content on the Web by splitting net revenue 50-50 with content creators. The new agreement makes Verizon Wireless Revver's exclusive mobile partner for a year.

On Tuesday, Google-owned YouTube announced its own deal with Verizon Wireless that will distribute viral videos from the site to wireless handsets and facilitate the uploading of video shot with a camera phone.

The partnership set to be announced today provides VCast subscribers access to content from a variety of Revver's video creators chosen from six subchannels on Editor's Picks, Viral Video Classics, Extreme Sports, Laughs, Animation and Cute Overdose.

While Revver will supply new video clips each week to the VCast service with content being refreshed twice weekly, VCast users who subscribe to this content can preview clips they would see while on-the-go through the VCast Collection section on the site.

"We're working with Revver to drive an ecosystem where we compensate them and they in turn compensate their creators," said Robin Chan, associate director of marketing at Verizon Wireless. "We expect this to be the beginning of a very long and profitable relationship."