Rhapsody pacts with lyrics service


DENVER -- Joining the push for finding legally licensed, accurate lyrics online is Rhapsody, which has forged a deal with LyricFind to add free, searchable lyrics to more than 200,000 songs to the Rhapsody Online service.

Rhapsody Online is the free version of the Rhapsody music subscription service that allows users to listen to 25 songs a month for free, without needed to download the full Rhapsody application.

By adding the LyricFind application to it, Rhapsody Online users can now search for songs by its lyrics, in addition to by artist name, track name and other search criteria. Once the song is found, users can then immediately stream the track for free. It does require users to download the basic Rhapsody music player, however.

Additionally, Rhapsody is working with several search engines to help direct random search results to the service for answers, and streams.