Blake Lively Seeks Revenge Against Family's Killer in 'The Rhythm Section' Trailer

Jude Law, Sterling K. Brown, Max Casella, Daniel Mays and Richard Blake also star in the Reed Morano-directed film.

Blake Lively seeks revenge against her family's killer in the trailer for Paramount's action film The Rhythm Section.

The movie follows Stephanie Patrick (Lively) as she develops self-destructive tendencies after her family is killed in a plane crash — a flight that she was supposed to be on. When she learns that the fatal crash wasn't an accident, she sets out to get revenge on the people responsible for her family's death and to find her own redemption. The film is an adaptation of British thriller writer Mike Burnell's Stephanie Patrick novels.

Jude Law, Sterling K. Brown, Max Casella, Daniel Mays and Richard Brake also star in the Reed Morano-directed film.

The trailer opens with Stephanie learning that the plane crash was intentional. She soon asks a mysterious man (Law) to help her get revenge. "I need your help to find the ones who did this," Stephanie says. "I have nothing to lose."

Law's character tells Stephanie that getting revenge "won't be worth it."

Despite his advice, Stephanie moves ahead with her plan and does everything in her power to track down the killer.

"You're much more human than I thought you'd be," Brown's character later tells Stephanie. She responds, "Then it's a good disguise."

An intense montage of Stephanie engaging in physical fights and running away from her problems follows, as well as reminiscing about her family by admiring old photos. "You don't have a clue about the scale of the mess you've caused," Law tells her.

The trailer concludes with Stephanie running away from a bus, which ultimately explodes.

Lively sustained a hand injury while filming an action sequence. Production was temporarily suspended, and the film's original release date of Feb. 22, 2019, was pushed back.

The Rhythm Section will be in theaters on Jan. 31. Watch the full trailer above.