Rian Johnson's T-Street Studio Adds Two Producers (Exclusive)

Leopold Hughes Nikos Maramigios Split - Publicity - H 2020
Rian Johnson; Kyle Gentry

Leopold Hughes and Nikos Karamigios worked with Johnson on 'Knives Out.'

Leopold Hughes and Nikos Karamigios have been named producers at T-Street, the indie studio run by Knives Out filmmaker Rian Johnson and partner Ram Bergman.

T-Street has been beefing up its stable and in November saw the addition of Kiri Hart, Stephen Feder and Ben LeClair as producers to the lineup. (The studio is financially backed by Valence Media, which is also the parent company of The Hollywood Reporter.)

Hughes and Karamigios were assistants to Johnson and Bergman, respectively, before moving up the ranks and acting as associate producers on Johnson’s Star Wars: The Last Jedi and then co-producers on Knives Out.

Johnson and Bergman plan to ramp up T-Street with the goal of making films of various scale and scope and championing new storytellers and distinct voices, while also developing long-term partnerships with creators. Hughes and Karamigios will be tasked to develop, produce and deliver feature film content. 

“Leo and Nikos played an integral part in helping us bring Knives Out and Star Wars: The Last Jedi to fruition and we are very excited to continue working with them in their expanded roles” Johnson and Bergman said Monday in a statement.

“We have been so thankful for Rian and Ram's faith in us over the last two movies,” stated Hughes and Karamigios. “In this role at T-Street, we hope to repay that faith and pay it forward with emerging filmmakers."