Richard Kind on the 'Disgraceful' Disparity Between the 'Ultra-Rich' and American Public (Video)

The comedy star stopped to chat with THR and struck a serious tone when discussing the political landscape.

Most guests were in a jovial, light-hearted mood at THR and Google's Pre-White House Correspondents' Dinner Party on Friday, but actor Richard Kind had no problem turning up the populist rhetoric when asked for his take on the state of the nation.

"I don’t know how to put this exactly, but I think the disparity between the ultra rich and the next level is as disgraceful as anything that has gone on in our history," he said. "Maybe some of them can control my life, my career, my employment, but I have to tell you something is wrong. I don’t know how it got wrong, but something is wrong."

Kind, who just featured in HBO's Luck and will appear in the upcoming Ben Affleck-directed drama Argo, was just as strong when asked sort of laws he'd pass if he were to become President.

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"I’m a big fan of education; I think more money should be poured into education. I think the environment is a mess and is spiraling downward," he continued. "And I think our tax situation, you know we are in debt a lot. But I tell you, you cut off one billionaire and he might be able to cover everything. If that billionaire were to die and leave that money to the government, all our problems may be solved."

Kind was more heartfelt than he was angry; as he told THR, he was very excited to be in Washington over the weekend.

"I’m in the company of people I admire, and actors who I admire. I’ve met a lot of people in my day and I admire most people," he offered. "I always think they are better than me and I learn from them, but we are going to be in the room with our president and I believe that our president is the smartest man in the room, so it will be an honor to be in the same room with him."