Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas to Reunite as McKenzie Brothers

The pair, who played beer-loving Canadian bumpkins in an imaginary talk show, will perform at a benefit concert next month alongside Martin Short, Dan Aykroyd and Eugene Levy.

Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas, who played SCTV's and SNL's beer-loving McKenzie brothers during the 1980s, are reuniting for a July 18 benefit concert in Toronto.

Other Canadian comedy legends on The Second City concert bill include Ghostbusters star Dan Aykroyd and SCTV alums Catherine O'Hara, Eugene Levy, Martin Short and Joe Flaherty, along with the Kids in the Hall cast, including Scott Thompson.

Paul Shaffer, Dave Letterman's former bandleader who worked with Levy, Short, Thomas and Andrea Martin in the 1972 Toronto production of Godspell, will also appear onstage in Toronto. Moranis and Thomas are set to reprise their roles as the Canadian bumpkins Bob and Doug McKenzie on an imaginary talk show, Great White North.

Their act, which was launched to mock government mandated Canadian TV content rules, was spun off into the 1983 cult comedy Strange Brew, and that year also made the late-night transition stateside to Saturday Night Live.

Short, who will host the concert, will also appear in a special guest interview with Jiminy Glick.

The proceeds of the benefit will go toward caring for Jake Thomas, Dave Thomas' nephew, who suffered a spinal cord injury while snowmobiling in Jan. 2017 that has left him paralyzed from the waist down.