Rick Owens Is Opening His First L.A. Store

Rick Owens

Someone tell A$AP Rocky, stat.

After 14 years away, Rick Owens is making his way back to Los Angeles. The L.A. Times reports that the 52-year-old designer, who now has nine stores worldwide, will open a 5,200 square-foot space on La Brea Avenue some time in the coming months (a precise date has not yet been disclosed).

After being name dropped by the likes of A$AP Rocky ("Rick Owens is usually what I'm dressed in") and Rick Ross ("Rick Owens on me, bombers for my whole army") and given the stamp of approval by bona fide fashion authority Kanye West, Owens has grown a cult following that has helped launch his 21-year-old label into the limelight.

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Though he moved his headquarters from Los Angeles to Paris in 2003, the designer continues to cite old Hollywood's grandiose set designs as inspiration — a theme that will be reflected in the moody, theatrical floor installations such as an exposed water tank and a fog-emitting wall. The rather eccentric pieces come as no real surprise given his penchant for the dramatic. After all, this is the same man who featured male nudity on the runway as well as rather, um, unique furniture installations in other stores, such as the lifelike mannequin modeled after the designer himself crouching on all fours in his Hong Kong shop.

All of Owens' mens, womens and accessory collections will be sold at the massive space, which, like all else that Owens has a hand in, is sure to become a hit.