Walking Hair Balls Hit Rick Owens' Runway

Rick Owens Runway PFW - Getty - P 2016
Getty Images

Rick Owens Runway PFW - Getty - P 2016

Big hair don't care.

The true test of a runway model's skill is not whether they can strut the catwalk in precarious six-inch heels, but rather whether or not they can survive a Rick Owens show. 

The designer has always had a taste for pushing his models' limits — just last fall the designer sent women down the runway wearing fellow models as human backpacks, and he's been known to let male genitalia roam free on the catwalks, too. 

His fall 2016 presentation featured a bit less shock value than seasons past, but models were still put to the test. Fourteen different women walked with their vision completely obstructed by a cloud of hair that ballooned outward like an Aqua Net force field. Good luck combing through that tonight, ladies.

The gravity-defying, cotton candy-esque 'do was paired with Owens' signature luxurious knits in hues of cream and brown which were livened up with splashes of mint green and orange. Textures like nylon, leather and fur added an extra element of depth to round out the fall offering.

Oh, Rick — what will he think of next?

HELMET HAIR: Models at Rick Owens' fall 2016 show. (Photos: Getty Images)