Rick Owens' Models Wore Human Backpacks on Paris Runway

Rick Owens Spring Show — P 2015

The new must-have spring accessory?

Rick Owens continues to out-Rick Owens himself. 

The designer, known for his eccentric, often shocking presentations (see: male genitalia on the runway), showed his spring 2016 women's collection on Thursday afternoon and simultaneously introduced the world to a new accessory for spring: the human backpack. 

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Models carried one another down the runway at the Palais de Tokyo, with some thrown casually over the shoulders, while others dangled from the chest. Some particularly flexible humans contorted themselves into folded poses that would definitely make any yoga instructor proud. 

Entitled "Cyclops" — the same title given to his men's spring collection — the line was meant to reflect the singular focus of the mythical creature, but from a female perspective. "I see that focused vision being more about nourishment, sisterhood/motherhood and regeneration," said the designer in a release, noting that "women supporting women," was a central theme.

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Owens, who made headlines last season when he punched a rogue model, also emphasized the role of the harness-like designs. "Straps can be about restraint, but here they are all about support and cradling," he said. "Straps here become loving ribbons." 

Now the real question is, where can we buy one?