Rick Owens Painted Models' Faces White for Men's Fall Show

Catwalking/Getty Images
A model on the Rick Owens fall 2016 men's runway.

This is truly the stuff of nightmares.

Designer Rick Owens has never been the most subtle in his statements. His last Paris Fashion Week show, after all, featured female models wearing each other as “human backpacks.” Before that he sent male models down the catwalk in ensembles that put their packages on full display.

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So perhaps his fall 2016 men’s presentation in Paris isn’t all that shocking. The clothing is true to Owens’ aesthetic and incorporates layers, neutral shades and voluminous draping. But between every few guys on the runway was something disconcerting: a model in whiteface.

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According to WWD, Owens cited the 1960 French-Italian horror movie Eyes Without a Face as one of his references, but we might have mistaken the ghost-white makeup — lips, brows, neck and all — and black-rimmed eye look as a tribute to Marilyn Manson. Whatever the reasoning, one thing is for sure: His beady-eyed white monsters will most likely induce nightmares.