Rick Perry: The Strange Reason Hollywood Is Disappointed in Him

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Industry activists have been quietly rooting for the Texas governor for weeks.

Rick Perry's supporters weren't the only ones disappointed with the Texas governor's shaky performance in the latest Republican presidential debate on Tuesday night. He also let down a very determined cadre of Hollywood politicos.

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For weeks industry activists have been quietly rooting behind the scenes for a Perry victory in the Republican primary -- simply because they think he would be easy for President Obama to beat.

With Perry seemingly weakened (he was the subject of widespread Internet ridicule Tuesday night after he misstated the date of the American Revolution by two centuries), there is more work ahead than some Hollywood Dems had anticipated.

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 "What if it's a Romney/Christie ticket?" said one insider. "(New Jersey Gov. Chris) Christie could be wrongly seen by some as the Bill Clinton of the Republican Party."

Los Angeles veteran political consultant Bill Carrick had a bit of advice today for his fellow Democrats:  "Everyone has to get over their complaining and suck it up and go to work."

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What does that mean for Hollywood? "People are going to have to dig deep and help the Obama for President campaign," Carrick said. "Some of the traditional players are going to have to help the super PAC effort to define Romney by spring. We just can't let him have a free ride into the convention."

The entertainment industry has given at least $3 million to the Obama campaign in conjunction with Democratic Party so far this year, according to some estimates.  Another $2.5 million has gone to Democratic super PACS. However, those numbers pale in comparison to the millions Rove and fellow Republicans are raising to take out Obama and other Democrats in a massive super PAC spending frenzy in 2012.

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In other words, Obamajam will be a regular traffic phenomenon in Los Angeles. The president is going to be back on October 24 for a National Latino Gala. And plans are already underway for yet another Hollywood fundraiser after the first of the year.

Although some members of the entertainment industry have been slow to jump on the Obama reelection bandwagon, the time for sitting on the fence is quickly coming to an end, Obama's supporters say.  For those who are siding with Romney, expect him to be courting Hollywood dollars, as well, in the coming weeks.

"If any of the Republicans are going to beat Romney, they're going to have to step up their game," Carrick said. If Romney clears the primary hurdle, "the general election will be a much different game.

"It won't be just Mitt Romney running as the least controversial candidate.  Last night he seemed to be switching gears," Carrick added. "He was even stealing one of President Clinton's phrases: We can all find common ground."

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