Andre 3000 to Direct Rick Ross' 'Sixteen' Music Video

Andre 3000 Portrait - P 2012

Andre 3000 Portrait - P 2012

The rapper is also featured on the track off Ross' recently released album, "God Forgives, I Don't."

Multitalented rapper, producer, actor, and banjo player Andre ‘3000’ Benjamin will soon be directing the video to his latest feature on Rick Ross’s God Forgives, I Don’t, which was released this past Tuesday.  The song, “Sixteen,” features a verse, singing, guitar and banjo playing from the former Outkast member.

Ross’ new album includes a number of appearances from various hip hop and R&B artists, including Dr. Dre, Ne-Yo, Meek Mill, Usher, Omarion, Drake, Wale and Stalley

Andre 3000 is notorious for being a pioneer of hip-hop, with the immense success of his own rap group, Outkast, with fellow rapper Big Boi. Since Outkast has said that they do not have a new album in the works (their last album, Idlewild, was released in 2006), Andre 3000 has since been working on his own solo album while making appearances on a number of other popular artists’ tracks. To date, he’s collaborated with Ke$ha, Ciara, John Legend, Frank Ocean, Jay Z, and Chris Brown, among others.

Ross recently told MTV about working with Andre 3000 on Sixteen. "A lot of times artists be fans of other artists and when they collaborate with 'em, they forget why they were fans, meaning that when I collaborated with him, I wanted to give him the production that I felt could bring out some of that OutKast energy, and what it actually resulted to was a record that he titled 'Sixteen.'"

“Sixteen” refers to the common number of bars in any normal rap verse. On Ross and Andre’s collaboration, they go beyond the norm to record a verse with 48 bars.

Although Ross’ album has only been out a few days, four songs off the album already have an accompanying video. Ross also told MTV that he plans to record a video for every song on God Forgives, I Don’t, which is currently number one on iTunes.

There is no set date for when "Sixteen" will be released as a single or when the video is due to come out.

In February of this year, Andre 3000 was rumored to be working on his next solo project, but nothing has been confirmed since. He is, however, playing the iconic Jimi Hendrix in an upcoming biopic from John Ridley. Andre 300 will cover classic songs by The Beatles and other artists in the film, since Hendrix's estate has not given their blessing for using his music.