Rick Sanchez interviewer speaks out

Pete Dominick says got compliments from Jon Stewart

Pete Dominick, the host of the Sirius XM radio show that last week featured Rick Sanchez in an appearance that got the latter fired from CNN, talked about the situation on his show Monday, saying he got compliments from Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert for his interview, Mediaite reports.

On the "Stand Up With Pete Dominick" show on Monday, he said: "Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart both complimented me in the way I handled myself, and it was extremely flattering."

As The Hollywood Reporter reported exclusively, Stewart had addressed the Sanchez controversy at an event Saturday night.

Dominick added that he didn't plan to discuss the incident any further beyond maybe on Stewart's "Daily Show," on Colbert or on Howard Stern's radio show. Dominick explained that the interview with Sanchez from CNN's headquarters in Atlanta came about because Sanchez's executive producer had asked him to be booked on the radio show.

"I didn't really want him to do the radio show," Dominick said. "He's not the type of guest we usually have on this show." Calling Sanchez's comments "career suicide," Dominick argued that the former CNN correspondent came in with a "live grenade in his mouth."

Apologizing to Sanchez's family for his getting fired, he added: "If Rick didn't do it on my show, he would have done it somewhere else."

Meanwhile, Sanchez's colleague Brooke Baldwin anchored the show -- which continued to air as "Rick's List" -- on Monday from 3-5 p.m., according to the Wrap.