Ricky Gervais Gets Big Scare from Donald Trump Impersonator on 'Ellen'

Ricky Gervais and Ellen Degeneres

The comedian also compared Trump to his 'The Office' character: "He's got more in common with David Brent than he does with JFK."


Ricky Gervais stopped by Ellen on Thursday to share his thoughts on presidential candidate Donald Trump. 

"It was fun to start with. I was very excited, it was funny," Gervais told host Ellen DeGeneres when she asked him what he thought of Trump's campaign. "Now it's not a joke anymore, is it?"

Gervais went on to compare Trump to his famous — or infamous, rather — character from The Office. "He's got more in common with David Brent than he does with JFK," said Gervais. 

The comedian also lamented Trump's supporters seeming to not be bothered by the candidate's controversial statements. "This is what annoys me, comedians say jokes and they get in trouble. [Trump] says terrible things, and he means them, and he gets a round of applause," Gervais told Ellen. "The world's gone crazy."

Well, then things got a little crazier.

From beneath the table between Gervais and DeGeneres, which had sat dormant and unremarkable throughout the interview, suddenly sprang forth Gervais' greatest fear: a Donald Trump impersonator. 

Gervais, naturally startled, struggled to regain his composure. DeGeneres noted she didn't think they had gotten Gervais "good," to which the British funnyman responded, "I nearly had a heart attack. ... What's getting me good? Me actually shitting myself?"

Watch the video below.