Ricky Gervais on Donald Trump: Tell Him He Won for the Sake of Reality TV, But Elect Someone Else

Ricky Gervais Late Night - H 2016
Late Night / YouTube

"I think he'd be up for it," the comedian says.

Ricky Gervais has a plan for Donald Trump's future, and it's very Truman Show-esque.

The comedian laid out his thoughts Tuesday while visiting with Seth Meyers on NBC's Late Night, explaining he has thoroughly enjoyed the spectacle that has been the Trump campaign.

“I started off thinking it was quite funny,” Gervais said. “Then it got a bit serious. And now I don’t know whether I want him to get in for the fun of it or not. I mean, I can say that, I don’t live here. Sorry about that.”

But The Office creator says he has an idea with which he thinks Trump would be content.

“What if we just told him he got in?" Gervais quipped. "So, he gets up every day, right? And he does a little address, and we go, ‘Yes, that’s brilliant!' 'I’m the president-hybrid!’ And they’re all extras,” he said referring to Trump's staff and onlookers. 

“And he never knows he was never president,” Gervais added. Even through it was not mentioned by either of the two men, it would essentially work like the 1998 Jim Carrey dramedy The Truman Show

"I think he'd be up for it," Gervais said, adding that maybe after a while, the former Apprentice host could be clued into what's happening.

Meyers then chimed in, “Maybe a year in you’d say, ‘Here’s the thing, it’s been fake, but the ratings are huge!' ”