Ricky Gervais Planning New Sitcom: 'Afterlife'

Matt Carr/Getty Images

British comedy writer and performer is developing the show in collaboration with "Dexter" producer Clyde Phillips.

LONDON – The web was atwitter with reports that Ricky Gervais is planning a new sitcom called Afterlife, about an atheist who dies and goes to heaven.

Twitter accounts went wild after it emerged the British comedy writer and performer is developing a show in collaboration with Dexter producer Clyde Phillips.

Gervais, who has publicly stated on many occasions that he is a non-believer, will be looking to raise laughs from the odd situation of such a man going to heaven.

Speaking on his blog, Gervais said: “Dexter has consistently been my favorite show of the last five years. When I first saw Clyde’s name all over it I knew I had to work with him one day.”

Added the comedian: “I found out he was also a fan of my work and we then became friends on email and through short conversations on various red carpets. We finally started working on an idea this year and really hit it off. I am so excited about this project.”

The pair have already put their heads together to write a pilot episode and plan to film it early next year, with Gervais himself set to have a cameo role in the new production.