Ricky Gervais Rejoins Twitter

Matt Carr/Getty Images
Ricky Gervais

"Hello. Anybody there?," the British comedian wrote earlier this week.

On Thursday, Sept. 29, Ricky Gervais returned to social networking website, Twitter, after 20 months away from it.

He announced his return with a simplistic tweet, "Hello. Anybody there?" He followed it by questioning how to assure the public that his account wasn't hacked and that it was really Gervais in the flesh. "How can I prove it's me though? This was Patrick Swayze's problem in Ghost," he pondered.

The British comedian quit Twitter in January 2010 after questioning its importance. "I am sorry, but I am going to stop these tweets because I don't see the point. Please follow my blog at rickygervais.com," he wrote on Jan. 9, 2010 after less than a month on Twitter. Gervais called the service "undignified" at the time. Prior to September of this year, Gervais has been consistently updating his blog.

Ever since his return, Gervais has been constantly sending through updates, the most notable being an image of Gervais and Johnny Depp putting Warwick Davis, star of Life's Too Short, in a toilet. Even so, he wasn't fully comprehending why Twitter was a necessity, tweeting, "I fucking love twitter now. I'm still not sure of the point, or how it will end, but its fun trying to work it out. Just like life really."

Gervais took to his blog to explain himself in more than 140 characters. "I am so useless at Twitter it's embarrassing," he opened the entry, adding, "At the moment I am using Twitter to distribute some of the monged up photos I have taken of myself. This is all I am capable of at the moment but bear with me. I love playing and I'm am sure I will hit on something that benefits the world soon."

Gervais had about 105,000 followers as of Saturday afternoon. He joined Twitter in December 2009, ahead of his controversial Golden Globes hosting gig in January.