Ricky Gervais Sets the Record Straight on the Golden Globes (Exclusive Interview)

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

The comedian tells THR that NBC -- not the Hollywood Foreign Press Association -- asked him to consider returning as host.

In an exclusive interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Ricky Gervais sets the record straight about his latest Golden Globe flap.

On Tuesday morning, he blogged that organizers asked him to consider hosting the show next year (even though he came under fire for his controversial cracks at this year’s event). Soon after, HFPA president Phil Berk issued a statement: “We have not asked him to come back. Nice try, Ricky."

But Gervais stressed to THR, "At no point did I talk to the Hollywood Foreign Press Assn. I'm absolutely sure they don't want me back."

The comedian said the return-to-host discussion had taken place with Doug Vaughan, senior vp special programs and news & entertainment at NBC, the network that aired the awards show.

"Doug Vaughan called me and said he loved (the show)," Gervais said. "That it was great. He said don't rule out a third gig. I said I don't think I'll do it again. I doubt I'll be invited back. And he said, just don't rule it out. ... I'm sure he'll back that up.”

When it was pointed out that in his blog "organizers" implied the HFPA rather than NBC, Gervais said, "Okay, so it was my fault then? I meant the TV show."

Gervais said he called Berk early Tuesday morning to explain the situation.

The comedian said he was annoyed that the HFPA statement included the line "Nice try, Ricky” because it implied that Gervais was trying to pull a fast one.

Of the line, Gervais said, "It's not fair. I always tell the truth. So that's the thing that bothered me. ... I asked if [Berk] could explain that to the Hollywood Foreign Press. He said he would.”

Gervais said that during their phone conversation, Berk told him, "We've had a lot of complaints from our members” because of his jokes at the Jan. 16 show. Gervais said he told Berk, "I'm sorry about that, but I don't care if people liked the show."

As for whether this latest controversy has finally closed the door on a potential Golden Globes return in 2012, Gervais told THR: "Listen. This is academic. As if they'll ever invite me back now.

"But if they invited me back, I'd do the same again."