Ridley Scott Talks Harrison Ford in 'Blade Runner' and Directing 'All the Money in the World' | Producer Roundtable

The legendary director also revealed the three most memorable scripts he has come across in his career.

Oscar-winning director Ridley Scott sat down for The Hollywood Reporter's Producer Roundtable to discuss his decades-long career and many of his iconic films, including a long-speculated theory regarding one of his sci-fi classics 

"He's a replicant," Scott says of Harrison Ford's character in Blade Runner. Scott directed the original film, and served as executive producer on Blade Runner 2049, this year's sequel, directed by Denis Villeneuve.

Scott told the roundtable he chose Villeneuve to direct instead of leading the reboot, due to a "cross fire of too much business. There are six films going around this year."

Scott directed this year's Alien: Covenant, a sequel to 2012's Prometheus and the latest entry in the long-running Alien franchise, but said, "I think the beast has almost run out, personally."

He also directed All the Money in the World, which is facing publicity issues due to recent sexual assault allegations against the film's star, Kevin Spacey. Michelle Williams and Mark Wahlberg also star.

Scott agreed to direct the John Getty biopic because of the script. "There are two good scripts that have landed in my lap over the years, actually three. Alien was very good and I was fifth choice, they gave it to Robert Altman. The other one was American Gangster," crediting the third to Money.

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