Ridley Scott won't make Cannes trip

'Robin Hood' is the opening-night film at this year's festival

CANNES -- Director Ridley Scott will miss the Cannes opening-night premiere of "Robin Hood" on Wednesday because he is recovering from knee surgery.

Universal will still be flying in a major delegation to support the film, including producer Brian Grazer and virtually the entire cast including Russell Crowe, Cate Blanchett, Mark Strong, Oscar Isaac and Max Von Sydow, among others.

"It is with the most sincere regret that I am required to miss the opening night of the Cannes Film Festival and the screening of 'Robin Hood,' " Scott said in a statement. "I recently underwent knee replacement surgery, and my recovery has been slower than I'd hoped. Truly, doctor's orders are the only thing that could keep me from being there.

"My disappointment is tempered by the fact that Brian, Russell, Cate and the rest of the cast will be on hand to represent the film. I send them all my best wishes in opening this year's Festival with our film."

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Scott's rough-edged update of the Robin Hood legend has been critically drubbed ahead of its Cannes bow. But the medieval epic is one of the few razzle-dazzle Hollywood events at this year's Festival de Cannes, which is relying heavily on art house titles for its 63rd edition.
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