Rihanna Admits She's Shrunk To Size 0, Wants Her 'Old Butt Back'

Rihanna Battleship Premiere - P 2012
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Rihanna Battleship Premiere - P 2012

The Barbados-born beauty has lost so much weight that she is now smaller than a designer sample size 2

Rihanna, 24, now admits that she’s dropped to a size 0. And let’s face it, that’s pretty much rock bottom when it comes to women's clothing sizes -- unless you want to start shopping in the pre-teen departments.

The Barbados-born singer, famous for her sexy, ample rump, tells Us Weekly:  "I'm a size 0 -- and not happy about it! I went way too far. I prefer myself a bit chunkier. I want my old butt back!"

The pop singer apparently doesn’t have time to eat due to what she calls her “crazy" schedule. And it doesn’t sound like its gonna get sane anytime soon.

Currently working on her seventh album, Rihanna says she wants to do two more movies before embarking on another major music tour next year. She made her film debut in Battleship earlier this summer.

To make things worse, the singer was hospitalized for fatigue following her appearance at the Met Costume Institute Gala last month, where she modeled a black, reptile-inspired Tom Ford gown -- presumably a size 0.

"I got no sleep," Rihanna said of the "exhaustion" incident.  "It's harsh on your body!"

She claimed to be suffering from a flu after her noticeably weak performance at NBA All-Star Game in February, and during the Grammy Awards, she was also reported to have bronchitis.

Besides her busy work schedule, Rihanna's social activities and late night -- or shall we say early morning -- partying, reportedly has sources close to the singer concerned.

And then there's the renewed, but still turbulant, "friendship" with her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown, who pled guilty to assaulting her in 2009 after Clive Davis' party on the eve of the Grammy Awards.

On Wednesday, Brown was reportedly involved in a New York bar fight with Young Money rapper Drake. The fight was reportedly over Rihanna, who has collaborated with Drake on the tracks "Take Care" and "What's My Name."

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