Rihanna Says She's Done With Naked Dressing


Never mind the cut-down-to-there romper she wears on her 'Vanity Fair' November cover.

Rihanna quite possibly has advanced the cause of naked dressing like no other (except perhaps Lady Gaga), routinely going out in just a bra, or a sheer shirt sans bra, or showing up at the CFDA Awards in a sheer, butt-baring gown covered with sparkly Swarovski crystals. But, the singer tells Vanity Fair in her November-issue cover story, shot in Cuba, she's over it.


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"I wanted to wear something that looked like it was floating on me," she says of that dress. "But after that, I thought, 'OK, we can’t do this again for a while. No nipples, no sexy hit, or it’s going to be like a gimmick.' That night was like a last hurrah; I decided to take a little break from that and wear clothes."

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But while she may be wearing more fabric lately, she still manages to show off her toned body. During her VF interview, she ordered three half-portions of different pastas, which begs the question: How does she stay so fit? According to the star, "Legit, I have been in the gym every day this week because I am not willing to give up my food. But I will sacrifice an hour for the gym." Further proof she's our kind of girl.