Rihanna Dyes Her Hair Black in Time for the 'Battleship' Premiere (Poll)


After a six-week stint as a blonde, the singer fulfilled her promise to Ryan Seacrest and dyed her hair black.

It seems like only yesterday that Rihanna bleached her hair a bright yellow blonde and Tweeted photos of her light hue. She debuted her light locks at the Grammys and explained the hair color change to Ryan Seacrest weeks later.

She told him on March 15: "I want to go black and I was in a natural color so it was easier to go blonde first. Now I am attached to [being a blonde] and keep going lighter and lighter but it's easy to go to black from here."

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True to her word, Rihanna has now gone to the dark side. The 24-year-old singer posted a series of photos on Instagram highlighting her new black locks. “Cuz I’m black b***h," she tweeted with one of the pics.

The color change comes just in time for her red carpet walk at the premiere of Battleship, her big-screen debut.

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Rihanna is currently in Japan to premiere her new flick Battleship. ““#JETLAGGED so I’m up watching TV…..all in Japanese!” Rihanna tweeted about her first night in Japan.

Battleship opens on May 18.

So, tell us: What color do you like better on Rihanna? 

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