Rihanna Gives Seth Meyers Advice, a Makeover While Day Drinking

Courtesy of Jon Pack/NBC

Meyers also created signature cocktails inspired by the singer's music as they both imbibed heavily during the segment, which aired on Thursday's episode of 'Late Night.'

Rihanna and Seth Meyers got to know each other well when they spent the day drinking at The Jane Hotel in New York City.

During a segment on Thursday's episode of Late Night, the singer joined Meyers in taking a shot before they chugged a glass of beer. "This is what I call a prom date," said the singer before she attempted to drink the entire beer.

To show Rihanna that he is a true fan, Meyers created a number of cocktails inspired by the singer. The unique drinks were called "Under My Rumbrella," "Diamonds in the Rye," "We Found Veuve in a Hostess Place" and "Bitch Better Have My Bunny."

Following the cocktail tasting, Meyers quizzed Rihanna on whether she remembered where she wore certain outfits that he had photos of. Meyers would to take a shot if she correctly answered the question, while she would drink the liquor if she was wrong. She correctly answered that the first photo was taken at The Met Gala, so Meyers took two shots. She was unable to identify the event she wore the second outfit to, so she took a shot.

For the third photo, Rihanna correctly answered that she wore the outfit in question to the dentist. When Meyers asked how she remembered that, she pointed out that her dentist's building was in the photo. "You dummies. Now I got to take another shot," Meyers told the writers as he stared straight into the camera.

After the drinking game, Meyers took on the role of bartender and told Rihanna to ask him for advice. "If I quit music, then what should I do?" she asked.

"You should be a pilot," he answered. She added that she used to want to be a pilot when she realized that her "grades sucked."

The two then switched roles so that Meyers could ask her for advice about how to "blow my wife away" with a romantic night out. "You said it," Rihanna answered. "Blow your wife away." The two burst into laughter before Meyers said, "This is a network television show."

Meyers later asked Rihanna to give him a nickname. "I don't even know you like that. Like I have to have good knowledge of you," she said. Meyers responded, "We drank tequila out of chocolate bunnies together." The host then counted down to three and told her to say the first nickname she could think of. "Seth," she said.

For the next game, Meyers showed off his "game" and shared his best pickup lines. Rihanna was instructed to ring a bell when he delivered a bad pickup line. The singer rang the bell immediately after Meyers' first pickup line, which was about how underwhelming the Game of Thrones series finale was.

"What's a nice boy like me doing in the city without his parents?" Meyers said for his second pickup line. After Rihanna gave him an annoyed look, Meyers rang the bell himself and walked away.

Rihanna later gave Meyers "a summer eye" makeover with her Fenty Beauty products. "How's it going so far?" Meyers asked as soon as she started to apply makeup under his eye. "Is it coming alive?"

He stopped Rihanna mid-makeover to admire her work, which included blue eyeliner. "My eye is burning, but this is amazing," he said.

For the final game, Meyers put on noise-cancelling headphones and sang her song "Work." He soon began to dance around the room and jumped on the couch. Rihanna recorded his performance with her phone while she shouted, "Tom Cruise!" The two took another shot before Meyers returned to dancing around the room.

Watch the full segment below.