Rihanna Reigns Supreme on Forbes List of Social Networking Superstars


Rihanna is very particular about the way she lounges. Her rider calls for a couch that is long enough for her to stretch out and nap on. Alongside the couch must be 6 to 8 animal print throw pillows with absolutely no sequins. She also requests a large throw rug that must be clean, because she’ll walk on it barefoot. 

Lady Gaga comes in second place on a list dominated by singers.

Who is the most social of them all?

Forbes has released its list of social networking superstars—10 kings and queens of the status update and the enticing tweet. The magazine used a simple formula, adding a star's Twitter followers with his or her Facebook fans.

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According to the list, Rihanna reigns supreme, wither her 23.8 million Twitter followers and 59.6 million Facebook fans helping her edge out Lady Gaga, who came it at No. 2 with 28 million Twitter followers and 53 million Facebook fans.

The two pop stars are known for salacious tweets and occasional Twitter beefs, but for those looking for this list to stir up bad blood between the two women, think again. Neither singer took note of the ranking—at least not via their social media accounts. 

Gaga was busy plugging her Vogue September issue cover, and Rihanna seemed more concerned with the upcoming MTV Video Music Awards.

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Of the 10 on the list, most are musicians, with the magazine theorizing that music stars adopted social media platforms earlier than their film and TV counterparts. Selena Gomez (No. 10) is the only actress on the list, and Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo (No. 7) is only athlete to be crowned a social networking superstar.

Here are the top five:

1. Rihanna (23.8 million Twitter followers and 59.6 million Facebook fans

2. Lady Gaga (28 million Twitter followers and 53 million Facebook fans

3. Eminem (11.9 million Twitter followers and 60.3 million Facebook fans)

4. Justin Bieber (26 million Twitter followers and 45.8 million Facebook fans)

5. Katy Perry (24.5 million Twitter followers and 45.7 million Facebook fans)

The complete list can be found at Forbes.