Rihanna Was the Ultimate 4/20 Bridesmaid

Rihanna smokes a blunt at a friend's wedding.

She celebrated with a blunt, obviously.

On Tuesday, proud stoner Rihanna shared a photo of herself and a girl gang of bridesmaids at a friend's beach wedding, where she sported the day's must-have accessory. Being a national weed holiday (known to most stoners as "4/20" and to others as simply "Monday") it should come as no surprise that the singer chose to complement her beautiful lavender gown with the most glorious stoner accessory of them all: a blunt. RiRi captioned the photo, "bridesmaids. #davis420wedding," because apparently she has really cool friends that throw 4/20 weddings.

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Not one to be left out, Miley Cyrus also partook in her own 4/20 festivities, posting photos herself in a Rastafarian bikini as well as several more photoshopped images with a slightly, umm, psychedelic feel.


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Perhaps the most notorious weed enthusiast of them all, Snoop Dogg, also posted about his holiday celebration — which is apparently so elaborate that he needed to rest beforehand in preparation. "Solo n bed resting before the big smoke session," he captioned one of many photos related to the big day. One can only imagine what a Snoop Dogg 4/20 must look like.


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A three-years-sober Demi Lovato also posted an Instagram commemorating the time she and Cyrus peer-pressured Joe Jonas into blazing for the first time. Awww. 


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