Riley Curry Returns Following Warriors' Win in Game 4, Kisses Dad

AP Images
Steph and Riley Curry

Steph Curry's adorable daughter was in Cleveland for Game 4 to help dad celebrate a victory.

For many, the question after the Golden State Warriors' Game 3 loss wasn't about the team's lethargic play. No, what the Internet wanted to know was: Where was Riley Curry?

Why didn't she travel to Cleveland? Was her absence somehow responsible for dad's mostly poor performance? 

Well, everyone — especially Warriors fans — can calm down: Like her dad's team, Riley was back last night in Cleveland. While she didn't make an appearance during the postgame news conference, someone did capture Riley giving Steph a victory kiss following the Warriors' convincing 103-82 win over the Cavaliers.

Happy Steph. Happy Riley. Happy Internet.

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