Rio de Janeiro Film Fest to Honor 'Canyons' Director Paul Schrader

FILM: Paul Schrader
Nielson Barnard/Getty Images

Iconoclastic filmmaker Schrader is teaming up with "Less Than Zero" author Bret Easton Ellis for the psycho-horror project "Bait."

The Brazilian fest unveiled part of its vast program, including its main competitions in Premiere Brazil.

BUENOS AIRES – The Rio de Janeiro International Film Festival has released, via Facebook, its competition slate for Premiere Brazil. The main international display for the latest Brazilian cinema, Premiere Brazil is divided in three parallel programs: Fiction, Documentaries and New Trends, which focuses on young, local filmmakers.

The fest also announced that American scriptwriter/director Paul Schrader will be honored with a special retrospective of his work, as well as the Latin American premiere of his latest film, The Canyons.

Unveiled sections include also the hors councours (out of competition) slate and a strong crop of new documentaries by renowned directors that was shaped up into a separate program: 'Panorama -- Great Documentary Filmmakers. Featured filmmakers in this section include Frederick Wiseman (At Berkeley), Nicolas Philibert (La Maison de la radio), Errol Morris (The Unknown Known), Rithy Panh (The Missing Picture) and Claude Lanzmann (Le dernier des injustes) and Werner Herzog (On Death Row), as well as other directors usually associated with fiction, such as Ken Loach (The Spirit of ’45)

A highlight on German contemporary cinema, Focus Germany, will include Thomas Arslan’s Gold, which premiered in competition at the Berlin Film Festival, and Morroco, the latest from director Caroline Link, foreign language Oscar winner for Nowhere in Africa in 2002.

Full competition list:


OS AMIGOS (Best Friends), by Lina Chamie (SP), 89’
DE MENOR (Underage), by Caru Alves de Souza (SP), 77’
ENTRE NÓS (Sheep’s Clothing), by Paulo Morelli (SP), 97’
ESTRADA 47 -- A MONTANHA (Road 47 -- The Mountain), by Vicente Ferraz (SP), 107’
O HOMEM DAS MULTIDÕES (The Man of the Crowd), by Marcelo Gomes e Cao Guimarães (MG), 93’
JOGO DAS DECAPITAÇÕES (Beheadings Game), by Sérgio Bianchi (SP), 96’
O LOBO ATRÁS DA PORTA (A Wolf at the Door), by Fernando Coimbra (SP), 100’
MINUTOS ATRÁS (Past Minut), by Caio Sóh (RJ), 106’
PERISCÓPIO (Periscope), by Kiko Goifman (SP), 80
QUASE SAMBA (Lyrics), by Ricardo Targino (RJ), 90’
TATUAGEM (Tattoo), by Hilton Lacerda (PE), 110’


CATIVAS, PRESAS PELO CORAÇÃO (Captive Hearts), by Joana Nin (PR), 77’
CIDADE DE DEUS -- 10 ANOS DEPOIS (City of God -- 10 Years Later), by Cavi Borges & Luciano Vidigal (RJ), 75’
CONVERSA COM JH (Writers Block), by Ernesto Rodrigues (RJ), 93’ 
DAMAS DO SAMBA (Lady’s Samba), by Susanna Lira (RJ), 75’
A FARRA DO CIRCO (Ruckus in the Circus), by Roberto Berliner & Pedro Bronz (RJ), 94’
FLA x FLU (Fla x Flu), by Renato Terra (SP), 85’
A GENTE (Custodians), by Aly Muritiba (PR), 99’
HISTÓRIAS DE ARCANJO -- UM DOCUMENTÁRIO SOBRE TIM LOPES (Stories of Arcanjo -- a documentary about Tim Lopes), by Guilherme Azevedo (RJ), 84’


O EXERCÍCIO DO CAOS (The Exercise of Chaos), by Frederico Machado (MA), 71’
MAR NEGRO (Dark Sea), by Rodrigo Aragão (ES), 100’
O MENINO E O MUNDO (The Boy and the World), by Alê Abreu (SP), 80
RIO CIGANO (Gypsy River), by Julia Zakia (SP), 80’
O RIO NOS PERTENCE (Rio Belongs to Us), by Ricardo Pretti (RJ), 75’
O UIVO DA GAITA (Harmonica's Howl), by Bruno Safadi (RJ), 75’
CARIOCA ERA UM RIO (Carioca was a River), by Simplício Neto (RJ), 74’
TÃO LONGE É AQUI (Here Is so Far), by Eliza Capai (RJ), 76’