Doc About Cuban Graphic Designer Pablo Ferro to Screen at Rio Fest (Video)

Richard Goldgewicht's biopic about the Cuban artist is voiced by Jeff Bridges.

Richard Goldgewicht's documentary Pablo will screen at the Rio International Film Festival, which opens on Thursday, Sept. 27 and runs through Oct. 11 in Rio de Janeiro.

The biopic, which is a combination of documentary footage, animation and motion design, follows the life of the native Cuban graphic artist Pablo Ferro and is narrated by Oscar winner Jeff Bridges. It will be exhibited on Sept. 28 and 29 and also the following week on Oct.3.

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The doc's world premiere was at Netherlands’s Rotterdam International Film Festival in January and the pic was also featured at Bafici Festival in Buenos Aires last April. Pablo it's expected to premiere in the U.S in 2013.

The film shows Ferro's journey from Cuba through his life in New York City and London in the ‘60s, where he became one of the most celebrated designers in the movie industry. The film also follows his life in Hollywood in the ‘70s and his current home, a garage behind his son's house in the San Fernando Valley.

"I interviewed him for a TV show years ago and I thought he was an interesting character because he was known for what he had done 40 years ago," says Goldgewicht adding, "also, I was fascinated by the fact that he dedicated his career to make film's title design."

Ferro's work includes the unforgettable opening of Stanley Kubrick's Dr. Strangelove. He has also contributed in more than 100 films, the latest being Men in Black 3, released this year.

The documentary footage features contributions from actors Georg Segal, Beau Bridges, Jon Voight, Andy Garcia and Anjelica Huston.

"I felt in love with the Pablo that they were talking about, because it was not the Pablo I knew it," says the director. "The Pablo in the '60s was the king of the parties, not the Pablo I know who lives in a garage. It was nice to put this two ideas together," he says.

Goldgewicht recently relocated to his native Rio de Janeiro where he is going to work in his next production Futebol, a feature length film adapted from the book Football, The Brazilian Way of Life by British author Alex Bellos.

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Futebol follows the discoveries an austere young reporter sent to Brazil, who is assign to write the ultimate account of soccer player legend, Pelé. The director plans to release the film in the time of the World Cup of 2014, which will be in Brazil.

Also, Goldgewicht has two animated documentaries to be released this year. The doc Lost Town, which he just finish mixing at Georg Lucas' Skywalker Sound, is based on the town that inspired Jonathan Safron Foers' bestselling 2002 book Everything is Illuminated. The film utilizes character animation to re-envision the survival story of Betty Gold, who escaped the 1941 Nazi invasion of Trochenbrod, the only all-Jewish town outside of Palestine.

His second feature doc Gameplay follows the history and future of video games, exploring the blurring of lines between gamers and their avatars and the potential directions it might be headed as it near a time of biotechnological revolution.

Watch the trailer for Pablo bellow: